Friday, April 8, 2016


'Truth' is a wonderfully engaging film. Cate Blanchet's performance as Mary Mapes is utterly convincing and moving. I had all but forgotten the events chronicaled and I was curious to learn what had been written about the film and the relationship between it and other versions of events. The film, I learned, is based on a book by Mapes. In the film a storm created by the right wing blogosphere focused attention on the questionable provenance of documents presented in Mapes documentary on George W. Bush's service in the national guard. The film seems to assert that this diverted attention from the substance of the story, that is, the special privileges Bush received. While someone suggested that Mapes apparently believes that some conspiracy involving Carl Rove was involved, Steven Holden suggests that this was one of the first assaults of the blogosphere and that Mapes was simply blindsided by its power. That suggested to me that this film documents our move into a multi-focal, more democratic, if you will, form of discourse. Now that we live more completely in the internet world, this film provided a window on the way discourse was structured not so long ago.

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